Vicon secures contract with Dark Matters

Aug 17, 2022

Vicon secures contract with VFX specialists, Dark Matters 

Dark Matters to deploy Vicon’s Vero solution and Shōgun software in France’s first virtual production studio

17 August 2022 - Oxford Metrics plc (LSE: OMG), the smart sensing software company servicing life sciences, entertainment, and engineering markets, is pleased to announce that Vicon, a world leader in motion measurement, has won a contract with Dark Matters, a full-service studio for high-end filmmaking, specialising in virtual and real-time production.

Based in Greater Paris, Dark Matters opened the 180,000 square-foot studio in April 2022, offering an impressive five soundstages equipped for both traditional production and LED wall virtual production sets. The virtual production stage will house 60 Vicon Vero cameras plus Shōgun software, enabling performance capture and live camera tracking for in-camera visual effects (ICVFX).




Virtual production techniques, including camera tracking for in-camera visual effects, enable directors, production designers, VFX supervisors and actors to view projects live on-set, with near-final quality shots, allowing them to quickly react and make changes as needed, rather than having to wait until post-production.

Isaac Partouche, VP, Virtual Production at Dark Matters, said:

“With a Vicon solution you get best-in-class tracking across the entire stage, not only can you track the performance of your actors, but you can also track props. Most importantly for the team at Dark Matters, you can track the film camera, enabling the virtual environment on the LED walls to be synced to sub-pixel accuracy from the camera’s perspective, delivering the highest quality ICVFX result.”

Nick Bolton, CEO of Oxford Metrics said:

“As the demand for virtual production continues to grow, more and more film and television companies are choosing in-camera visual effects to help create their productions. We are delighted that Dark Matters, led by an impressive team of industry veterans and experts with unique track records across numerous blockbuster movies, decided to select Vicon’s sensing technology for France’s first virtual production studio. We are excited to work with the team at Dark Matters and look forward to seeing their future productions.”

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