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Ever since 1984, Oxford Metrics has been enabling the interface between the real world and its virtual twin. It was in that year we introduced our first Vicon motion capture system and we’ve been providing a bridge between the physical and digital world ever since. We have a track record of creating value by incubating, growing and augmenting through acquisition, unique technology revenue streams. Today we have over 10,000 active customers in 70+ countries using our smart sensors and software, including some of the biggest names in automotive, education, electronics, entertainment, healthcare, pharmaceutical, research and sports. 

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Life Sciences

Guys & St Thomas Hospital, Imperial College London, Harvard University, Shriner’s Hospital for Children and Australian Institute of Sport, are just some of the customers using Vicon systems to provide deep insights into movement for sports, healthcare and research.

Footage credits: Athletics 3D - Loughborough University - Sports Medicine Department, Sports Surgery Clinic


Boeing, Airbus, Ford, BMW, UPENN and NASA are just some of the customers driving Vicon systems at the forefront of ground-breaking applications in ergonomics, engineering, UAVs and research.

Footage credits: Marshmallow Laser Feast


Industrial Light & Magic, Epic Games, EA Sports, Framestore, DNEG and Dimension are just some of the customers using Vicon to help create mind-blowing visual effects, In-Camera Visual Effects for virtual production and realistic characters in triple-A video games.

Footage credits: The Mandalorian, Lucasfilm - Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studios - Snoop Dogg, Astro Projects - Akuma, Dimension - Callisto Protocol, Striking Distance Studios - Assassins Creed, Ubisoft - Final Fantasy Remake, Square Enix

Virtual Reality

Dreamscape Immersive, Immersive Gamebox, Sandbox VR and Europa Park are just some of the customers using Vicon to help create immersive Virtual Reality experiences for Location-based Entertainment.

Footage credits: Dreamscape Immersive - YULLBE

Smart Manufacturing

BD, DePuy, Jaguar Land Rover, Johnson & Johnson, Zytronic and Alkegen are just some of the smart manufacturing customers who use Industrial Vision Systems for high precision, automated quality control to ensure “right first time” products. 


To ride the accelerating market trends in location-based entertainment, telemedicine, in-camera visual effects for virtual production and smart manufacturing - becoming a bigger business both in terms of revenue and profit, delivering further shareholder value.

Our Story

  • 1984


    Oxford Metrics is founded

  • 1985

    Vicon Research

    Sale of first Vicon system for research

  • 1990

    Clinical Applications

    Sale of first Vicon system for clinical use

  • 1996

    Queen's Award

    Queen's Award for International Trade

  • 1998

    Major Movie

    Vicon used on blockbuster movie, Titanic

  • 2000

    2d3 established

    2d3 founded to develop camera tracking software

  • 2001

    International Trade

    Oxford Metrics wins a Queen's Award for International Trade

  • 2001

    Stock Exchange

    Oxford Metrics float on London Stock Exchange

  • 2002

    Emmy Award® 

    2d3 wins an Emmy® for its impact on the creation of complex visual effects

  • 2004


    Acquisition of House of Moves LLC for $1 million

  • 2005

    Academy Award® 

    Vicon awarded an Oscar® for the development of motion capture technology

  • 2005


    Acquisition of Peak Performance Technologies, Inc for $1.1 million

  • 2006


    Yotta company established

  • 2007


    Acquisition of Data Collection Ltd for £5 million

  • 2011


    Acquisition of Sensing Systems, Inc for $8.5 million

  • 2013


    Acquisition of Mayrise Systems Ltd for £6 million

  • 2014


    Sale of House of Moves for $1.3 million

  • 2015


    Sale of 2d3 for $25 million

  • 2017


    Acquisition of IMeasureU Limited for £2.0 million

  • 2018


    Sale of Yotta Surveying for £1 million

  • 2020


    Oxford Metrics wins Megabuyte Quoted 25 Award

  • 2021


    Oxford Metrics wins a FinnCap Ambition Nation 50 award

  • 2021


    Acquisition of Contemplas GmbH for £1.1 million

  • 2022


    Oxford Metrics wins a Megabuyte Quoted 25 Award

  • 2022


    Sale of Yotta for £52 million

  • 2023


    Oxford Metrics wins ‘Best Technology Award’ at the AIM Awards 2023

  • 2023


    Acquisition of Industrial Vision Systems Ltd for £8.1m

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