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Ever since 1984, Oxford Metrics has been enabling the interface between the real world and its virtual twin. It was in that year we introduced our first motion capture system and we’ve been providing a bridge between the physical and digital world ever since. We have a track record of creating value by incubating, growing and then augmenting through acquisition, unique technology businesses. Today we have around 10,000 active customers in 70+ countries including some of the biggest names in healthcare, research, engineering and entertainment.

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Infrastructure asset management

Since 2006, Yotta has been leading the way in infrastructure asset management, enabling clients to make better, more informed decisions about the way they manage their assets. Clients include central and local government and other infrastructure owners working in highways, street lighting, street works, waste and utilities. To learn more about Yotta, watch this short video.

Motion measurement

For over 35 years’ Vicon has been the world leader in high precision movement analysis, supplying motion measurement systems for an astonishing range of applications from analysing the gait of a child with cerebral palsy, examining an athlete’s performance, to creating visual effects in Hollywood blockbusters. To learn more about how we're driving growth in Vicon, watch our video.

Watch our story

Watch our story

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