Amplify the core

Today, we have two clearly defined and well-focused businesses - Vicon and Yotta. Although the two companies share a focus on analytics, they have developed with different economics, address different markets, and have different customers and competitors.

This means they offer different growth opportunities and also face different challenges. Our path ahead is clear – we must drive growth by amplifying our core strengths and capabilities across our core products, core markets, core customers and our people.

Our investment strategy therefore reflects the specific needs of each operation. Through targeted investments in Yotta and Vicon, our goal is to achieve two challenging but realistic objectives: by 2021, we aim to double profit and triple recurring revenues.

Strategy Timeline

Milestones achieved against the strategy and five-year plan

June 2016

Roger Parry appointed as new Chairman

Q4 FY16

Strategic review and development of five-year plan

6 Dec 2016

Five-year plan launched

7 Feb 2017

Yotta launches Alloy software

27 Apr 2017

Vicon launches Shogun software

27 Jun 2017

Acquisition of IMeasureU Ltd

18 Jul 2017

Yotta signs partnership with Ramboll

26 Jul 2017

Vicon launches Cara Lite

31 Jul 2017

Vicon unveils Vertex camera

15 Aug 2017

Yotta signs reseller Implemental Systems

31 Aug 2017

Alloy released worldwide

14 Nov 2017

Vicon launches IMU Step 

17 Jan 2018

Yotta signs agreement with Applus+ 

10 Apr 2018

Yotta partners with Tvilight

24 May 2018

Sale of Yotta Surveying Limited to Ginger Group

21 June 2018

David Quantrell appointed as Non-Executive Director

13 Aug 2018

Vicon launches Location-Based Virtual Reality solution

30 Apr 2019

Yotta launch v15 of flagship software solution, Alloy