Vicon launches new Valkyrie solution

Jul 19, 2022

Vicon’s most advanced range ever will drive forward new ground-breaking motion capture applications 

19 July 2022 - Oxford Metrics plc (LSE: OMG), the smart sensing software company, servicing life sciences, entertainment and engineering markets, is pleased to announce that Vicon, a world leader in motion measurement, has today launched Valkyrie, its new flagship solution, with four camera models delivering the world’s highest quality motion capture system.

The Valkyrie system will capture motion more accurately to reality than ever before, powering a new wave of innovation and discovery across all of the Group’s vertical markets. Designed to work in harmony with all of Vicon’s powerful software solutions, Valkyrie completes a best-in-class ecosystem for motion capture users.

Valkyrie-enabled systems will power motion capture projects with robust data, without the need for further processing, with its enhanced features allowing Vicon’s customers to focus on their work rather than the technology. The new flagship range, which includes a 26-megapixel (MP) model and a high-speed capture mode up to 2,000 Frames Per Second (FPS), will allow academics, scientists, and researchers to accurately track even the fastest moving subjects, and for filmmakers and game designers to create ever more realistic and immersive experiences.

Nick Bolton, CEO of Oxford Metrics said:

“More and more we need technologies that truly perceive and capture every dimension of our world in real-time. I am delighted to announce Vicon’s ground-breaking new solution - Valkyrie. Valkyrie will capture motion more accurately and faithfully to real life, extending the Group’s sensing capabilities and providing an innovative, improved interface between the real world and its virtual twin.

Whether it is medical researchers using our technology to analyse increasingly complex motion or filmmakers rapidly adopting virtual production techniques – our customers are at the cutting edge of the use of motion capture. With Valkyrie we will support their growing needs and demands with the most advanced motion capture systems ever seen, driving forward a new and exciting era of motion capture innovation and exploration.”

The full Valkyrie range will service all of the Group’s vertical markets and comprises:

  • VK26 – offering the highest available resolution at 26MP and native full-frame 150FPS. VK26 can cover large volumes with incredible detail, ideal for demanding applications such as Virtual Production and in-camera VFX, enhancing Vicon’s product bench in the Entertainment sector.
  • VK16 – offering the highest frame rate per megapixel, at 16MP with a native full-frame 300FPS, designed to support complex biomechanical modelling and engineering use cases, further serving both life sciences and engineering markets.
  • VK8 – offering both the highest native full-frame rate of 500FPS and the best cost per megapixel at 8MP. VK8 can capture the fastest moving athletes and objects including golf balls and gymnasts, extending Vicon’s capabilities at the cutting edge of the elite sports and life sciences sectors.
  • VK-X – supports the most convincing and responsive VR experiences and applications that utilise active markers; VK-X strengthens Vicon’s technology stack in the visual effects and Virtual Reality sector, and the Location-based Entertainment (LBE) market.

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