Vicon team up with Red Bull Diagnostics and Training Centre

Nov 7, 2019

Vicon and Red Bull widening partnership to help reduce the risk of injury and optimise performance of athletes

7th November 2019 - Oxford Metrics plc (LSE: OMG) the international software company servicing government, life sciences, entertainment and engineering markets is pleased to announce that Vicon, a world leader in motion measurement, has signed a contract with Red Bull Diagnostics and Training Centre, for its inertial tracking solution.

Based in Austria, the Diagnostics and Training Centre rehabilitates and trains Red Bull’s world-class athletes across a multitude of sport disciplines such as athletics, ultrarunning and triathlon.

As an existing customer using a Vicon optical system to look at the performance of its athletes, Red Bull has now chosen to invest in Vicon’s inertial tracking solution to help reduce the risk of injury. Red Bull will use a combination of the Blue Trident inertial sensors – Vicon’s newest wearable which provides immediate analysis in the field or in water - and IMU Step app to monitor lower limb load during training to aid return-to-play, reduce reinjury risk and optimise the performance of their athletes.

Christian Maurer-Grubinger PhD, of Red Bull Diagnostics and Training Centre, commented: “We have been using a Vicon optical system for over four years to help understand and improve athletic performance. Now, with the addition of Vicon inertial tracking, we can obtain precise diagnostic metrics relating to asymmetry and limb loading during training to better manage injury risk and maximize the performance of our athletes.”

Nick Bolton, CEO of Oxford Metrics, commented: “Red Bull Diagnostics and Training Centre look after some of the best athletes in the world and when they are competing at that level, ensuring they stay fit and injury free, is vital. Through Vicon’s unique combination of optical and inertial solutions, Red Bull will better track, analyse and optimise their athletes’ performance. We are proud Red Bull Diagnostics and Training Centre have chosen Vicon as an integral part of their training programmes and we look forward to watching their athletes compete around the world.”

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