Vicon announces new products and partners

Vicon Vertex enables tracking in smaller environments across Virtual Reality, automotive and life sciences

New ‘Lite’ version of the Cara facial capture system expands addressable market

Collaboration with Manus VR enables easy integration of their Virtual Reality gloves

2nd August 2017 - Oxford Metrics plc (LSE: OMG), the international software company servicing government, life sciences, entertainment and engineering markets, reports Vicon, the motion measurement specialist, has announced the launch of two new products and new partners at this year’s SIGGRAPH conference.

First, Vicon launched a new camera measurement system, Vertex, which integrates seamlessly with Vicon’s existing systems of Vantage and Vero. Vertex is compact, lightweight and has a wide angle field of view making it ideal for tracking in small or complex environments. This is of particular benefit to researchers when studying biomechanics in constrained locations or analysing the ergonomics of car drivers in the automotive industry. Vertex also thrives in Virtual Reality cave environments - allowing customers to effectively position the cameras in corners without casting shadows onto the projections.

Secondly, Vicon has announced the launch of Cara Lite. This new ‘Lite’ version of the Cara facial capture system can operate with one or two cameras, delivering a more flexible system, which has a rapid set-up time. Partnering with Dynamixyz, specialists in facial analysis and synthesis, film and game studios can now integrate Dynamixyz’s Performer solution into the Cara Lite production pipeline, offering more realistic character animations. Using a mixture of marker-less and physical tracking, this practical solution opens the market up to film and game studios looking to achieve a higher-quality facial capture but with a lower cost of entry.

Finally, Vicon has collaborated with Manus VR, a leading developer of Virtual Reality gloves, giving customers the ability to incorporate the Manus VR Glove into their production pipelines. The gloves provide full finger tracking and haptic feedback, delivering the sensation of touch in virtual environments. For those deploying Virtual Reality environments, hand and finger movements are invaluable, as they allow users to interact with their surroundings in a natural way – removing the need for controllers.

Commenting on Vicon’s continued innovation, Nick Bolton, CEO of Oxford Metrics, said:

“When we announced our five-year plan, our strategy for Vicon was to target R&D spend on projects which enhance our product strength and fortify our market-leading position. These latest launches announced at SIGGRAPH do exactly that. The price-point and flexibility of Cara Lite expands our facial capture system to an entirely new range of film and game studios, and our new measurement system, Vertex will help drive Vicon’s growth in the Virtual Reality market.”

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